Season 2 Updates

[Owner] Liguana ao posted Jun 3, 18

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Season 2 of ZedMC Prison!

Many new features have been added as well as some more to come.

- New Summer themed Scoreboard, Tab and MOTD

- PVP has been fixed!

- 8 More Prestiges (18 Total)

- Buffed Explosive on the Void Pickaxe from III > V

- Buffed Explosive on the Acrylic Pickaxe from V > X

- Added a Summer Pickaxe

- Made a Summer Crate

- Donor ranks now have sell multipliers to their prison rank

- Donor warps have been removed

- Re-added Gambling! (/gamble)

- Added commands (/staff, /website, /discord)

- Excavation, Tile and Disk have been moved to /zedshop

- You can now dirrectly give tokens to people with /te pay

- New /warp dp

- Added a Free Mine (/warp free)

Server Updates

[Owner] Liguana ao posted May 9, 18


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to tell you whats new in the server this week!

- Mining Crate (Lucky Blocks)

- Prestige Crate (Prestiging)

- Multiplier Crate (/buy)

- /kit elytra (weekly)

- /warp elytra

- The Battle Axe (/buy)

- Basic WorldEdit Permissions for Zed++

- /warp features

- New /warp staff

We hope everyone will enjoy all the new features we've added!

- Liguana



itsSwzy posted Feb 25, 18


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Hello, and welcome to the new updated ZedMC forums.

Here you will be able to upload posts and get involved with the community even if you are not on Minecraft.

Here you can do things such as: Report Players, Apply for Staff, Report Bugs, Add suggestions and much more!

We really hope to see the community make good use of this website and I hope to see you all in more days to come!




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